Desi Kurta or ethnic Kurta that is known popularly is a must for Hindu festivals Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi or any other rituals that are part of the life. Rare Rabbit brings exclusive range of ethnic Kurta for men to meet specific requirements for a special occasion. Nevertheless, the mens Kurtas that have become staple on and off the runway could be a great choice to add some of your identity. Although it is true that Kurta has been associated with cultural identity it has now become style and become important in offices for special occasions. 

Ethnic Wear for Men

Rare Rabbit’s exclusive range of ethnic wear for men designed with beautiful patterns in prints, embroidery and embellishments could be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them not just in special occasions like festivals but also in offices or get together with your friends. Especially the long Kurtas are rendered in vibrant colors could be a fashion statement that you would like to make among your friends and relatives. You will stand out in the crowd with stylish ethnic wear for men like Kurta. Especially the mens Kurtas that are made in jacquard patterns add an extravagant touch to your ensembles. 

Since our Kurtas feature stylized features like embroidered plackets, pin tucks and brocade patterns; they are not just simple ethnic wear but made for special occasions. Nonetheless, whether it is silk Kurta or pure cotton Kurta when paired with pajamas, dhoti pants or Patiala pants, etc. could be a great addition to the fashion and style as well as swag. Whether you are going for wedding or celebration of special moments like anniversary, these could be the great wear for you. 

Jodhpuri suit for Special Occasions 

Over the years whether they are politicians or businessmen, they have all been wearing Jodhpuri suits at special occasions. These are not just a great wear to show swag but at the same time come with ethnic sense of clothing. Nonetheless, a Jodhpuri suit or Bandhgala suit is a formal suit specific only to India. Since this style of suit originated in the Jodhpur State of India, it became a Jodhpuri suit among men. In The range of Jodhpuri suits for men you can buy from Rare Rabbit, you get a coat and trouser. Sometimes you can wear a vest as well. 

Ethnic wear for men, modern and stylish 

Ethnic does not necessarily mean old style, it means the clothes are inspired from the ethnic wear of India, a nation that has been associated with some of the most stylish wears. Now with Rare Rabbit you can choose from stylish collection of simple Kurtas, Bengali Kurtas, pathani Kurtas, etc. amongst others. Each of these Kurtas for men has specifics like Pathani Kurta is inspired by the Pathans of the Mughal era. Similarly, Bengali Kurtas are one of the identity marks for Bengali men and yes, Kurtas cold also be a simple wear like your night wear or morning walk track suit. 

Ethnic Jacket for men

These days ethnic jackets are quite popular among men for a reason that they not just offer ethnic looks but at the same time are stylish and modern. Nehru Jacket or Modi jacket are western yet with Indian touch. Thus, these are somewhere ethnic as they have Indian touch and that may be a reason they are popular. With Rare Rabbit ethnic jackets for men, you can add suave and swagger with formals. These are not just comfortable and stylish but at the same time keep you contemporary. 

Buy Kurta for men

Rare Rabbit’s range of Kurtas for men could be a great collection under ethnic dress for men since they come in to contribute to your fashion and swagger. For instance, you can choose from a variety of long Kurtas that are a great wear to look cool and intellectual. Similarly, there are short kurtas or even knit Kurtas that could be a great stylish Kurta for your wardrobe. Don’t stop here, the full sleeve kurtas will look dashing when paired with jeans for a rugged look. Similarly, you can wear half sleeve Kurtas that have become fashion since Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started wearing them. 

Buy Stylish Pajama for men

Like Kurtas pajama too come in a huge range and styles to meet specific requirements from men. These are a must for you if you are trying Kurtas as these are paired with Kurtas of all styles. Although Kurtas are now also worn with Jeans, they have traditionally been paired with Pajama. The pajamas from Rare Rabbit could be made of pure cotton, silk and other great fabrics to give you a comfortable experience. For instance, cotton pajamas are one of the most soft and comfortable pajamas that you will find on the market. Of course, fashion and comfort are both very important for today's customers when it comes to pajamas and Rare Rabbit pays higher attention to such a requirement from its customers. 

Men ethnic shoes for special occasions 

You cannot wear Adidas or Reebok shoes with Indian ethnic clothes like Kurta or Jodhpuri suit for it is not just uncool it could be a bummer. Therefore, Rare Rabbit brings some exclusive men ethnic shoes like Mojaris and Kolhapuris which could enhance your looks and presence. Nonetheless, these are the most ethnic footwear for men that are usually paired with Kurtas, or Bandgalas. Additionally, the traditional Kurta can be paired with a ethnic jackets for men to look good. 

Rare Rabbit Men’s Ethnic Wear

What makes Rare Rabbit special in terms of delivering the finest range of ethnic wear is that these are made with finest fabric for great comfort and designed by the fashion designers who have mastered crafting ethnic wear for men. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are special Kurtas for Special Occasions?

Answer: Depending upon the occasion the style of Kurta could differ. For instance, these are designed with beautiful patterns in prints, embroidery and embellishments, for wedding. Then there are Kurtas for parties that are not so heavy in embellishments that you could wear on Diwali or Raksha Bandhan. 

Question: What are Stylish Kurtas, where can I buy them?

Answer: There are simple Kurtas that you can see people wearing as night dress or during morning walk but the ones that have jacquard patterns, embroidered plackets, pin tucks and brocade patterns, they are stylish Kurtas for men that you can look for.