Striped Shirt for Men | Cotton Collar, Stretch Stripe & Print Shirt

The popularity of Men’s Striped Shirts 

Over the years, the variety of shirts for men has become diverse. Although most of the demand for men’s striped shirt comes during summer, there is no written rule that these cannot be fashioned in winters or in other seasons i.e. Monsoon. The trendy striped shirts for men are meant to be comfortable clothing and suited the best for summer and winters alike. Trendy striped shirts for men, especially half shirt for men are extremely popular for the reason that they enhance your fashion sense. Another reason is that these shirts for men are light, breathable, and stylish to a great extent to meet specific requirements from men. 

Interestingly enough when you make striped shirts a wardrobe staple, you can wear them any time of the day and make a statement at formal occasions or even at parties. Nevertheless, the ubiquity of such shirts for men is so much so that it would be next to impossible to find a man who doesn't wear a striped shirt. Thus, whether it is casual or formal office set up, shirts for men, especially striped ones are the most appreciable shirts. Adding to the style are half shirts with stripes and small stripes shirts for men who could be paired with jeans, trousers, and denim pants. They would also look great in chinos for that matter. 

Buy Striped Shirts as Their Popularity is Up 

The popularity of striped clothes in the twenty-first century has been going on an upward trajectory. The fashion blogs admit that at the present time, striped clothes have become really popular in the field of men’s attire and as a result, a large number of ready-to-wear dresses for men include different types of striped shirts. Needless to say only in men, the striped pattern has also got immense popularity whether it is the horizontally striped shirts or vertically striped shirts. The striped shirts these days are understated to escape immediate notice and that is a reason that they are used primarily for making great sense especially with great pair of chinos and chic trousers. 

Type of striped shirts

The best part with striped shirts for men is that they are available in various types of stripes. You could have seen several Hollywood actors wearing those striped shirts on various occasions. Even the fashion gurus across the world, from Paris to New York are predicting that 2022 will see a resurgence in popularity for this pattern in both formal and casual menswear. Rare Rabbit has also brought in a comprehensive range of mens striped shirts. With regards to the choices in terms of types of stripes, you have the following:


  • Weft Stripes Shirts: These are horizontal stripes created by changing the weft i.e. horizontal yarns in a garment. Although they are less common than warp stripes, they are attractive in so many manners.
  • Balanced Stripes: these are other popular shirt types when it comes to striped shirts. In these shirts you can see symmetrically patterned, indicating that the background and stripe are equal in width. 
  • Self-Stripes: When it comes to striped shirts, these are the ones that are integral to the weave, rather than printed or otherwise added later. You can see them in seersucker. 


  • Warp Stripes: The major pattern is the warp stripes where you can see vertical stripes created by changing the color or increasing the number of warp yarns in a garment. Nevertheless, most menswear stripes e.g. pinstripes, chalk stripes, candy stripes, and others come into the scene. 
  • Unbalanced Stripes in men shirts: These are other options when it comes to striped shirts. The asymmetrically patterned, indicating that the width of the stripe is either narrower or wider than that of the background could be a great look on shirts. 
  • Fancy Stripes: Another great option for men is fancy stripes where a weave or pattern that does not match any other specific definition is often an exciting view. 


Pairing Striped Shirts with Stylish Trousers and Leather Shoes 


Since striped shirts could come in varied styles and patterns, you have too many options to choose from and pair them with trousers, jeans, and chinos. It could become difficult at times to find out which are the most attractive striped shirt. However, there are stripes that have a woven twill design of small and large stripes. You can wear cotton pants, cargos, and whatnot but there is no match to striped shirts for men as they bring sheer comfort and style. 


Since these shirts are available in various colors and styles these go well with basic lace-up boots or sneakers and are extremely suitable for parties. These are also known for offering the perfect well-groomed look for casual outings as well. Rare Rabbit brings a range of casual striped shirts for men that are suitable for formal meetings. The formal striped shirts are another addition that you should look for as these would give a crisp corporate look with button-down shirts, blazers, and formal shoes as well to great extent. 


Therefore, choose your favorite pair of striped shirts for men for various occasions from Rare Rabbit, and stay assured that it would leave a lasting impression. You can definitely look cool and trendy with its range of mens striped shirts that would make your day as you get a comprehensive range that you could have just dreamt of. Made of fine quality fabric striped shirts for men are well-aimed to cater to the requirements from all kinds of customers whether these are casual striped shirts for men or formal striped shirts, they are all made to last long. 

  • Pair Striped Shirts with Denim Trousers for Cool Looks 

When it comes to fashionable striped shirts Rare Rabbit’s striped shirts for men are one of the most popular types. These could be paired with denim. The best part with these shirts is that they are extremely comfortable in wearing and make perfect sense when it is a formal occasion as they are made of fine quality fabrics. Additionally, since these shirts are available in stylish stripes you can wear them for various occasions.  Paired with casual leather shoes from Rare Rabbit, the striped shirts make a great fashion statement. 

  • Pair Striped shirts with plain trousers for Formal Occasions  

Formal occasions need specific Striped shirts that look great with plain trousers and there is nothing better than black or blue color trousers. Needless to say, you could see a large number of men wearing plain striped shirts for the reason that they are not just simple in looks but great when it comes to formal occasions like corporate meetings and other gatherings. With stylish leather shoes you can make the occasions special.