Trousers have always been a requisite in the working man's wardrobe. it is an essential piece of the attire for men across the globe. A versatile color and the correct fit of the trouser could be paired with a number of shirts, polos, T-shirts, etc. Quality products for competitive prices is a brand value etched in stone for Rare Rabbit, therefore, making sure our customers feel opulent is a necessity.


For meetings, interviews and weddings, etc. Rare Rabbit’s premium, twill and satin stretch trousers are your go-to picks for all day comfort without compromising the 

Style them with a shirt, tie and leather shoes. Throw on a blazer to this to give a more polished and complete look.

Travel & Summer
Our Ultra-light trousers and 4 way Stretch Trousers are perfect for travel as they are comfortable, classic and practical for a full day out. 

Paired with a T-shirt or sweatshirt and shoes and you're ready for your travel adventures. Our Linen or Cotton Trousers are best suited for your summer trip as they are breathable, versatile and timeless. Match them with a T-shirt or printed shirt and you're ready take on any hot summer day.

Lounging or Exercise
Joggers are best worn for this purpose when paired with a sweatshirt and sneakers for leisure. It also serves well for any physical activity as its comfortable fit and fall allows for flexible movements.

What kind of trousers should men wear?

For maximum versatility, a man should own at least one pair of joggers, twill pants, stretch pants and jeans. With this, one would be able to mix and match various styles depending on the occasion, from casual and cool to sophisticated.



Question: What Colour trousers Do Men Mostly Prefer?

Answer: The most preferred colour trousers tend to be black or navy blue. However, grey and Khaki is another popular colour that are popular among men. 

Question: How to select trousers sizing?

Answer: You should use the plastic tape to measure circumference of your waist; generally, this is the number in inches. The inches would tell you the number of pant size. 

Question: What are the types of trousers available?

Answer: Rare rabbit brings cargos, chinos, denim pants, etc. for men. Additionally, you can buy formal pants that are available in all sizes. Trousers from Rare Rabbit could be a great value for your wardrobe as you can wear them with plain cotton shirts and even with polo shirts.