Half Sleeve Shirt

Purchase fine quality Half sleeve shirts now at amazing prices whether they are plain, printed, floral or graphic shirts. Given our reputation, Rare Rabbit is definitely the front choice when it comes to casual and formal half sleeve shirts for men that are made of fine quality fabrics. Whether for corporate or casual wear they are the perfect fit for you. 

Be it an office after party or a casual get together with friends, formal occasion or just a day at home, we have a curated collection of half sleeve shirts for everyone and for every occasion.

Men's half sleeve shirts

Offering a range of half sleeve shirts that includes printed, plain, cotton, etc. amongst others, Rare Rabbit is a name to reckon with when it comes to adding value to money you invest on your clothes. Designed exclusively to meet specific requirements from men whether they are looking for shirts for a party or office, Rare Rabbits has brought in the following range:

Printed half sleeve shirts for men.

You can make a perfect fashion statement with printed half sleeve shirts for men from Rare Rabbit that have become a great attraction among men. These are more than just a basic form of clothing to enhance the wardrobe and add value to your fashion sense. Since prints are alluring the printed collection could be the major attraction at parties and other get together events. 

Abstract half sleeve shirt for men.

With abstract half sleeve shirts from Rare Rabbit, you could camouflage and stand out at the same time as these have been in fashion for several decades and never go out of fashion. Nonetheless, since styles and fads come and go, keeping what you like the most could be your own fashion statement. These half sleeve shirts are great wear for you whether you are attending a funky new media event or going out with your partner. 

Graphic half sleeve shirts for men

When it comes to making a statement, there is nothing better than graphics. Rare Rabbits understand this factor and brings these fine range of graphic half sleeve shirts for men that could be a great addition to your wardrobe. Nevertheless, with subtle and bold prints and definitely catch the eye the graphic collection of half sleeve shirts could be a requisite for you as you can wear them for any casual occasion at any time if the day. They are cool in summer and greatly comfortable during winters. 

Plain half sleeve shirts for men

Plain never goes vain, they say. There is a reason that plain shirts do not go away from fashion trends and the one reason that looks plausible is, they add awe to the man wearing them. Whether it is for an office presentation or a simple barbeque, plain half sleeves are the shirts that could be the perfect choice. With a matching tie and jacket just make you look like a leader in todays competitive. With Rare Rabbit’s range of plain half sleeve shirts, you can choose the one that suits your personality the best. 

Floral half sleeve shirt for men

Rare Rabbit Floral half sleeve shirts for men are a name to reckon with as with them you can look attractive and become the center of attention for a lot many people. In fact, floral prints are synonymous to loud and attention catching. Nonetheless, since Rare Rabbit offers exclusive collections made of fine quality fabric, you can keep a few of these shirts to meet out specific occasions or events. 

Why should you buy Rare Rabbit Men’s Shirts?

Whether it is abstract or printed you get the clothes that last longer and serve you well all the while as they are all made of fine quality fabric. The fabric is tested for its breathability and color fastness before it is used for the fabrication or stitching. We make sure that each and every shirt goes through quality checking before it is packed for the delivery. 


Question: How to measure men's shirt sizing?

Answer: It is quite easy to measure your shirt as here you just need to take your neck circumference measurement by placing a cloth tape measure around the base of your neck. Make sure that you have spotted the spot where your shirt collar would normally sit. Now you can measure sleeves by using the tape till wrists, same with the waist. 

Question: Which type of shirt is for party wear?

Answer: For a party anything goes well as long as it is not formal. Printed shirts could be a great option for you if you are looking for an exciting time at a party. Whether you are going for a boat party or any other casual get together, you can look for striped shirts as well. 

Question: Which is the best/comfortable fabric for men's shirts?

Answer: Without a doubt cotton shirt are the best for men when it comes to comfortable shirts. Rare Rabbits brings the cotton shirts that are known for breathability, lightness and softness. These could be a great addition to your wardrobe as you can wear them any time and in any season. 

Question: What shirts are the best for the office? 

Answer: Although the formal character of offices is fading away to some extent, there are still some offices that are particular about the way their employees appear in the office. Therefore, for such offices formal shirts are the best option. You can buy plain shirts from Rare Rabbits for your office and other formal appearances.