Let Your Style Breathe: Breezy Summer Looks by The House of Rare

The Summer’s here, which calls for the style that breathes and lets you do you. The hot sunny days already restrict you from stepping outdoors without feeling exhausted and sweaty, your clothes shouldn’t restrict you either, they should let you be comfortable in your skin instead.

The art of summer layering has a few rules that aren’t necessarily a mandate but do help create a look that isn’t dull, washed out, or boring.

1. Balancing Thickness and Texture
Layering thrives on contrasting textures and building from thin to thick for a balanced, comfortable look.

2. Incorporate a range of tones
Lightweight linen and cotton offer a spectrum of colors beyond neutrals, allowing you to enjoy their cooling properties while still going for a darker look.

3. Focus within and on the outside
Undershirts are a great way to stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat. They absorb sweat, which helps prevent stains on your outer shirts.
Lightweight layering is an art form, and the overshirt "shacket" is the missing masterpiece in your summer wardrobe.

4. Don’t just go for the obvious.
Wool isn't just for winter. Lightweight, breathable wools can keep you cooler than cotton or linen on hot days. Look for "loose weave" for airflow and "high-twist yarn" for wrinkle resistance – perfect for summer travel!

5. Expose the Unexposed.
Socks? In summer? Believe it or not, your socks can make a big difference in how cool you feel. It might sound weird, but the extra airflow around your feet can be a total game-changer! Go for invisible socks under your loafers or sneakers


Now that we’ve broken down the rules for better understanding, let's move on to the “Art” of Summer Layering.

Layering your clothes lets you breathe new life into your favorite summer pieces, adapting to the day's warm breeze and keeping you comfortable. Here at The House of Rare, we're all about effortlessness combined with an idea of sophistication, and here are a few inspirations that we think are the perfect combinations that let you layer for a summer that will remind you of the ocean breeze on a starry night.

Look 1: Barefoot on the Beach: 2 Layers
Sometimes, simple is simply stunning. This two-layer look is perfect for scorching days.
Start Breezy: The foundation of any summer outfit is a tee that breathes. Our STAMP 2 Graphic T-shirt (Rs. 2,699) is built for just that. Made with breathable fabric, it'll keep you cool no matter how high the mercury climbs. Plus, the graphic design adds a touch of personality.

Add some more: Sometimes, you want a little more coverage or a pop of color. That's where the LAYERR (Rs. 3,199) comes in. This lightweight cotton shirt is your layering BFF. It adds a touch of sophistication without feeling stuffy, making it perfect for those days that transition from scorching hot to pleasantly breezy.


From head to toe: RERIC (Rs. 3499) Ultralight Linen Trouser with a drawstring closure has a regular fit that allows you to keep yourself cool below the waist. The last thing you need on a summer afternoon is a pair of trousers that make you uncomfortable.


Finish the Look: No Look is complete without a good pair of footwear. Our newest footwear collection takes care of your feet in the harsh summer months. FES(Rs. 2,999) our plated cross panelled sliders are the perfect match to complete the entire look. Keeping your feet breezy and cool while also regulating your body heat.

Look 2: The Sunset Serenade: 3 Layers
Sunsets are unique and magical, just a well-layered fit. This three-layer look lets you seamlessly transition from lunch on the beach to a breezy evening walk:

Breathe Easy: A simple solid tank top lets you stay cool no matter how high the temperature climbs. Plus, it's the perfect foundation for layering, making it a versatile piece you'll wear all summer long.

Light & Flowy: The CINEX Linen Shirt (Rs. 3,499) is your summer saviour. This breathable, flowy piece feels like a feather on your skin and keeps you cool all day long. Its weightlessness is perfect for layering.

Confidence by the Sea: As the Sun Sets on the Sea, Shine in TRELLIS (Rs. 2999): These regular-fit trousers provide a balanced look with a touch of comfort, perfect for enjoying the beauty of a coastal sunset


Stride with pride: If a drive along the coastline under the crimson sky is on your agenda, DARY (Rs. 5,499) the textured leather driving mule is your best bet against the moisture in the air.

Look 3: The Bonfire Bliss: 4 Layers
Summer nights can get surprisingly breezy, but who wants to pack it in early? This 4-layer look keeps you toasty without feeling like you're wearing a winter coat.

Breathable Base: CASABO (Rs. 3,499) a half-sleeve Cuban collar cotton-linen blend shirt is your answer to humidity. This lightweight layer is crafted from breathable cotton, allowing you to move freely and enjoy the night's activities.

Textured Touch: A great Pair of trousers does not just complete your look but also gives you the freedom to go about your day. With the Rare Rabbit’s RERIC (Rs. 1,999), a Linen Blend Regular Fit Mid Rise Trouser enhances your outfit without sacrificing comfort. The breathable linen blend keeps you cool, while the relaxed fit lets you move freely.

Adorn the unconventional: It isn’t very common to see someone wearing a scarf on a summer night, but remember that the sea breeze can be daunting. Regulate your body heat with BREOM (Rs. 1,999). A modal cotton scarf that will give you the freedom to enjoy the cold at your will.

Happy Feet: Covering your ankles and wrists control your body’s temperature. So avoid the hassle of having to wear socks and shoes and just flaunt your feet with CONS (Rs. 2,999) plain sliders that will not just keep your feet cool but also complete your entire look.

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