The 2024 Met Gala transported us to a fantastical "Garden of Time," a theme that bloomed with possibilities for historical and futuristic interpretations.  This year, the men on the red carpet weren't just guests, they were characters in a story that unfolded throughout fashion history.

A Gala to Remember: Redefining Masculinity

This theme wasn't just about flora and fauna – it was about the evolution of masculinity in fashion.  Imagine a garden where traditional notions of "menswear" interweave with the delicate beauty of flowers, tropics, and colors where the past and future collide in a vibrant display.

Inspired by the Evolving Garden:

Here's how you can channel this theme in your wardrobe:

Vintage Remix: Inspired by the theme, here’s an ensemble that is a timeless representation of the perfect amalgamation of the past and present.
Base: SLOVENS - WHITE (Rs. 3,999)

Suit: OSCAR - PASTEL PINK (Rs. 11,999)

Loafers: HALTON - BROWN (Rs. 6,999)
Make it Big!: Bold colors and a statement fit turn heads. Natural tones speak volumes in their simplicity.

Base: BOCLE – PURPLE (Rs. 3299)

Long Coat: HONG – YELLOW (Rs. 14,999)

Trousers: CLOY – PURPLE (Rs. 3,999)

Shoes: HOUSTON – BROWN (Rs. 6,999)

Here for Heritage: An ode to our culture, a look that keeps it classy and sophisticated while making a fair representation of Indian Ethnic Clothing.

Bandhgala: CALDY - BLACK (Rs. 8,999)

Trousers: JECK – WHITE (Rs. 3,699)

Shoes: HALTON – BLACK (Rs, 6,999)


Now, let's get to the men who truly outshined on the red carpet!

Best Dressed Men:

  1. Chris Hemsworth: The Marvel superhero made a stylish debut at the 2024 Met Gala, opting for a timeless look in a cream-colored Tom Ford three-piece suit. This classic choice perfectly complemented his wife Elsa Pataky's golden goddess gown, making them a red-carpet couple to remember
  1. Tom Ford: Tom Ford hit the 2024 Met Gala the same way Tom Ford has umpteen times before: wearing an impeccable velvet dinner jacket. Only this year, Ford didn’t tailor his own black-tie kit. In a menswear red carpet torch-passing of sorts, the designer and filmmaker was dressed by someone else: Anthony Vaccarello, the creative director of Saint Laurent.


  1. Bad Bunny: Co-chairing the event and rocking a daring Maison Margiela ensemble. Channeling a futuristic count, he reportedly went above and beyond the theme, winning praise for his creativity and pushing the boundaries of men's fashion on the Met steps.

Most On-Theme Men:

  1. Lewis Hamilton: Lewis Hamilton stole the show in a custom Burberry suit. Forget floral prints, this one went deep dive into history. Inspired by 18th-century botanical illustrations, it was a perfect blend of modern style and historical relevance. The inside hid a note which paid homage to one of the first black gardeners to have ever been enslaved and this was Lewis’ tribute to him.
  1. Sam Smith & Christian Cowan: Sam Smith and Christian Cowan made a splash at the 2024 Met Gala with their coordinated outfits. Designed by Cowan himself, the duo rocked a unique blend of black and white suits, with a touch of whimsy in the form of a single rose holding it all together. The look paid homage to 1940s tailoring and queer icon Oscar Wilde, perfectly capturing the "Garden of Time" theme
  1. Lil Nas X: His Atelier Versace creation was a cream suit covered in 50,000 Swarovski crystals, making him a shimmering showstopper. It pushed boundaries and perfectly embodied the fluidity of the "Garden of Time" theme.

    The 2024 Met Gala wasn't just about who wore the most outrageous outfit, it was about celebrating the evolution of menswear and the beauty of self-expression. So next time you get dressed, remember, your wardrobe can be your garden of time, blooming with unique style and a touch of the extraordinary.


Just like each year, this year also had a few individuals that strayed so far away from the theme that it's nothing less than hilarious. Here are some of those special mention:

The Accidental Ensembles:

  1. Eddie Redmayne: The black and white dress with a skirt by Steve O Smith felt out of place for some next to his wife's gown, and the dress-sock combo divided opinions on how well it captured the event's theme.
  2. Cole Escola: The Thom Browne outfit was a playful take on the theme, with some finding his schoolboy-inspired shorts charming. However, the oversized blazer and quirky doggy bag purse left others divided, with the shoes being a particular point of contention.
  1. Troye Sivan: His Prada look for the 2024 Met Gala landed him on some "worst dressed" lists. While some admired his commitment to a sheer, shimmering suit, it clashed with the "Garden of Time" theme for many, feeling too trendy and out of place for the historical elegance the event often celebrates