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Denims Sale |Upto 50% off on Slim Fit Jeans, Colored & Stretch Jeans


Denim trousers, often referred to as jeans, are highly versatile and widely appreciated for their utility in the fashion world. These iconic pants offer a range of practical benefits that make them a popular choice for many individuals. The durability of denim fabric makes it ideal for everyday wear, as it can withstand regular use and retains its shape and color over time.  



Black & White

Black and white denim possess a remarkable versatility that transcends trends and seasons.  Black denim exudes an edgy and sophisticated vibe, effortlessly elevating any outfit. Its sleek and slimming effect makes it a go-to choice for creating chic and timeless looks. Whereas, white denim embodies a fresh and clean aesthetic, perfect for both casual and refined ensembles. Whether paired with a casual tee or a tailored blazer, black and white denim provide a versatile canvas for expressing personal style and adapting to any occasion.


How to style men’s jeans?

They can be styled in countless ways depending on the occasion, fit and personal style.

  • For a semi-formal look - Pair our blazer and button-up shirt with slim fit or straight leg jeans
  • For a laid-back look - Throw on a t-shirt or polo-shirt with stretch or plain jeans and white sneakers, for a weekend brunch or a day out with friends.
  • Try the classic denim-on-denim ensemble for a stylish airport look.
  • Add a pop of color to a simple pair of jeans with our colorful, printed shirts to create some interest.


How to care for denim jeans?

  • Do not wash them often – Washing jeans after every wear or frequently, can cause the fabric to wear out more quickly. Try to wash it only after 5-10 wears or only when its visibly dirty.
  • Wash them inside out to prevent color from fading.
  • Use cold water while washing to prevent shrinkage or stretching of fabric



What kind of Soap & Detergent is good for mens jeans washing?Answer: Although there are some people who use no soap or detergent instead they just soak their jeans and freeze them to remove odor. However, if you want detergent or soap, you can always use mild soap that does not take away softness and evaporates the color. 

Question: What are the best Jeans for mens for offices and other formal occasions?
Answer: You can buy denim jeans for men from Rare Rabbit for office and other formal occasions. When you pair them with a printed shirt or plain shirts, you can always look professional and trendy. 

Question: Are polo tshirts great option with denim jeans for mens?
Answer: yes, they are very much in trend these days and when it comes to comfort, there is nothing better than polo tshirts from Rare Rabbits. Wear them in the office, college or date

Question: What precautions to use while washing jeans?
Answer: You should avoid hot water for washing your mens jeans as experience tells that hot water and hot machine drying causes fading and shrinkage. Additionally, never use bleach unless you want to "acid wash" you jeans. The best part is to read the instructions written with the tag of every jean that you buy.

Denims Sale |Upto 50% off on Slim Fit Jeans, Colored & Stretch Jeans


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