Men's Shirts: A Complete Guide

We often talk about the different varieties of men's shirts and which ones you should have in your closet. This piece of clothing is a wardrobe must-have. Different colors and shirt types can be used to complete a formal or informal look.

Men's printed shirts styles are varied, and their variety becomes a secondary consideration after comfort in a shirt. The rest is straightforward. The types of sleeves, pattern, fabric, cuffs and collar style are the foundations of a men's shirt.

The most fundamental and crucial piece of clothing in a man's wardrobe is a well-fitted shirt. A neat, clean shirt that fits well gives you the feeling of being in command, like a boss. A great-fitting shirt comprises many small details, from the collar to the hem. Choosing the correct fit and garment, on the other hand, isn't difficult, but in case you're having a tough time choosing it, we're here to help.

Find Your Right Fit


People often ignore the fit of their shirts and buy them in different sizes. Ignoring the fit will result in sloppy folds and creases that are unappealing. Regular, tapered, and slim fits are the three fundamental fits. The regular fit is usually straight, with pleats added in the rear for extra comfort, while the tapered fit is a more modern and appealing fit with a narrow body and sleeves and no back pleats. With extra darts at the rear for a defined waistline, the slim fit literally adapts to your body curves.

Choose Different Collars


Cutaway, forward-point, button-down, and spread are some of the collar styles available. Semi-spread collars, on the other hand, are a versatile style and are styled with both formal and informal outfits. Semi-spread collars are adaptable and go with any suit and tie combination. A well-fitted collar will have enough room between your neck and the collar for a finger to fit comfortably. Anything too tight makes you feel claustrophobic, while slack collars will sag as you walk.

Choose The Right Cuff


For a daytime look, go with a traditional single cuff with rounded or angled edges. The double cuff, also known as the French cuff, is a formal cuff commonly used in dress shirts. When it comes to sleeve fit, the position of the cuff is crucial. The cuffs should ideally cover the hinged bone of your wrists and extend about half an inch beyond the jacket's sleeves.

Invest in The Right Fabric


Shirt fabrics, often known as 'shirtings,' are available in various weaves. Depending on the style and occasion, choose the right fabric.

Cotton: Cotton, the uncontested king of shirt textiles, has a wide range of characteristics, including durability, moisture absorption, smoothness, and iron friendliness.
Cotton comes in a range of weaves that determine the fabric's weight and drape, which is vital in deciding the shirt's quality and functionality.

Linen: During the sweltering months, linen is a natural substitute for cotton. It's not only a great summer fabric, but it also has a naturally relaxed style and exudes casual cool. Unlike cotton, linen is able to absorb moisture without becoming too damp. However, linen has the disadvantage of easily creasing.

Silk: This luxurious cloth has a beautiful sheen and a gentle drape. It is an unpopular shirting fabric because of its high maintenance costs and low long-term durability.

You can get creative with the patterns once you've figured out the essentials of how a shirt should fit and narrowed down the suitable cloth. You can also go for men's printed shirts as they dominate the fashion due to their versatility.

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