Suede is one of the richest fabric of all time. We all have some sort of nostalgia for vintage and 1970's fashion when we look at Suede. This soft and delicate material is a real competitor to leather. It creates a rather effortless mood and a more in-the-present attitude, with the velvety numbers turning heads wherever you go. Go a little out of your comfort zone and dare to wear suede this coming new year!

You must want to invest in a versatile piece which can be adorned throughout the year. To accomplish this investment plan opt for simple, sleek, timeless silhouettes much like a gorgeous suede coat, an elegant suede shirt or a chic pair of pants that you can wear with both a pair of high heels and a pair of ankle booties. From there, everything in between suede vests, shorts, skirts and easy button-downs will make for great add-ons to your spring wardrobe.

The palettes you should be focusing on for this season in suede should be diverse and cool. You'll end up winning at the fashion game if you keep to certain colours that the runways made pretty clear and easy to follow. If you are aiming at something minimal and sweet then opt for colours like lilac, rose pink, peach and sand. If you are a fan of retro fashion then opt for red, orange or deep green for a sleek and sharper look.


There are awesome ways to wear suede in the summertime too. Pair a close buttoned white shirt with a pencil fit suede skirt for an office look. Replace the white shirt with a white tank top for work to weekend look. Complete the ensemble with open-toe slipper sandals or stilettos. Keep the accessorizing to a minimum by perfecting your suede looks with as little as a roomy bag.


Suede is not a modern trend. It has always been around and will be forever! Let us know which trend would you like our next blog to be about in the comment section below.