Any man who isn't completely new to the world of dressing himself knows that the arrival of spring means the arrival of colour and time to learn how to wear pastels. For something that makes a pretty serious statement, pastels can be surprisingly easy to wear. You can stay safe and sane, or go as big and bold as you want. The choice is yours.
What is great about pastels is that they can be worn in almost any setting, at any age and that they go great against almost any skin tone. Pastel colours also have a beautiful way of fusing with light skin tones and make dark skin tones shine.
If you're nervous around colour, pair a pastel piece with something neutral. The neutral piece will anchor the more attention-getting shade and turn it into an accent rather than the main event. Pastels can be ideal for a laid-back office dress code or a weekend look. Pastel suits look cool at work but you have to be careful regarding when and where to add the shade. If your job requires you to be formal then you can add a neutral shade shirt and pastel jacket but if your workplace allows you to wear informal clothes then you can opt for an entire pastel look. Avoid slogans or patterns to keep the look sophisticated.
A neon pink shirt may be on-trend at some point, but it won't last nearly as long as a pale pink shirt. Pastels are also more forgiving, and better able to suit a variety of styles and skin types. For those who are ready to embrace the trend wholeheartedly, you can't go wrong with a great statement suit.What you can also do is add pastel ties if you want to start updating your closet. For winters, pastel your leather jackets are recommended if going for a casual-cool look as these are just perfect for creating a rugged and soft look simultaneously. For summers, a lightweight shirt in seersucker cotton or a polo shirt looks great tucked into baggy chinos.
From sky blue to soft tangerine, coral to lemon sherbet, pastels have made a serious comeback. If the thought of wearing such shades is enough to turn you pastel white, buck up – because this season's spectrum is markedly more masculine than in the recent past.
For summer your closet should be full of pastels colours. Below are the different types of pastels.
There are likewise 'soft' and 'hard' pastels to consider. Soft being more washed out and hard more vibrant.
Pastels also called chalky colours which are a great choice if you wish to add a little colour to an outfit but in a softer, more subtle manner. Even though they are mostly spring colours, pastels can be worn whenever and wherever.
We hope our blog inspires you to experiment with pastel colours this summer season! Let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions or suggestions.