The fashion industry is evolving and minute-to-minute updating. Just like women, men too should be updated about the latest fashion trends. If we talk about the newest fashion trend for men that is going to rule this season, it is printed shirts! From floral to geometric, men are embracing every kind and are donning these prints with sheer confidence.

Cuban collar shirts are a great addition to your wardrobe as they can be taken from office to evening with ease. But for the ultimate summer look, go one step further with light and short sleeve floral printed shirt. Floral shirts can be either dressed up or down. This gives you some pretty great options for formal and informal events. Throwing a floral shirt with some slim black jeans and Chelsea boots creates a look that the rock-gods of years past would be envious of. On the other hand, pairing the shirt with some chinos and a suede bomber jacket is classy enough for pretty much any occasion. If you're worried about floral prints being too feminine then you can toughen up the print with some masculine accessories and dark jeans or a blazer. Not all floral prints are bright. You can get a light colour shirt with a dark colour floral print on it, which can be nice and subtle for your needs.

The second best print for men is the Geometric print. Geometric Prints are peppy and sober at the same time. This is easy to incorporate and fits best from casual to formal wear. From quadrilaterals to triangles to circles to some crazy shapes, these prints are arresting. A white geometric printed shirt paired with blue or black denim is the perfect outfit for a laid back weekend.

One can style a printed shirt with a suit too. The key to getting the printed shirt and suit combo right is about balance. A printed shirt under a suit can bring in a touch of modernity and individuality. Keep prints alluring and avoid bigger prints as they can sometimes get lost in the suit and ruin the line of the jacket.

With the summer season approaching, one should opt for fabrics like cotton, Italian linens, compact stretch satins and rayon that allow your skin to breathe. These fabrics help you stay cool in summers.

 Print shirts make for great statement pieces and they don't require much planning and they simply replace something more restrained. A printed shirt is easy to wear and simple to incorporate into almost any existing outfit. The best advice we could give to anyone contemplating prints is: You've made a deliberate choice to wear the item in question so put it on and then leave it alone, constantly checking yourself in any reflective surface is a sure sign of discomfort. Own your clothes, don't let your clothes own you!