From the 1920s to 2020s, male-oriented cinema has played an important role in providing us with great screenplays. With different genres, and different storylines starring different actors came movies that made a huge impact on society. Cinema, in general, plays a vital role in creating a revolution. This revolution could be of any kind, from a social cause to a fashion statement. With great storylines, comes influence. Influence on people’s perception.

Here are a few movies that created a stir in society. These movies are from different genres and timelines but had one thing in common, Trousers. A wardrobe staple for men, for decades. The protagonist of this movie wore this basic article of clothing but in a slightly different way from the other. Style your casual trouser for men inspired by the below-mentioned movies.



A Timothee Chalamet starring love story that was set in the 1980s. The plot of this movie is of budding love between a young man named Elio and an older man named Olivier. This movie beautifully showed love and Northern Italy. It showed the confusion and jealousy that comes into a teenager’s life who is experiencing young love. The outfits in this movie have a laid-back casual vibe.

To create a look inspired by this movie, wear a loose half sleeve shirt with prints on it. The prints should have big motifs, preferably a floral print. The shirt could be tucked into white trousers. Cameo-Men's Trousers-White with a colorful shirt are a perfect combination for a summer look. This look can get the complete summer element when it is paired with brown flats. Stay away from accessories when it comes to this look.


A multi-star cast historical romantic drama, based on the novel written by F.Scott. This love story is about the forbidden love of Mr.Gastby played by Leonadaro DiCaprio. A glamorous and extravagant lifestyle of a rich businessman residing in New York, who carries the pain of a broken heart. He throws lavish parties in the hope to meet the love of his life, Daisy. The aesthetic of this movie is sophisticated and elegant.

A look inspired by this movie would be an old Hollywood glam. A beige Slim Fit Stretchable Men's Trouser can be worn as the base to build the outfit. Layer a white shirt, with a vest and blazer for this look. Play with vertical stripes as well. Hair plays an important role to create any outfit. Keep the hair sleeked back in this look. A fedora hat could also be used as an accessory. A polished look like this is timeless that can be incorporated into modern-day outfits as well.



After a highly sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, we are back to the casual one. Wake up Sid is a coming-of-age movie. Imitiaz Ali had two protagonists in the storyline, Ranbeer Kapoor and Mumbai. A lazy spoiled brat Sid crosses paths with Aisha and things change for the better. He realizes the importance of being independent. He then picks up his camera to follow his passion for being a photographer. With a lot of hard work and support from Aisha, he transforms into an entirely different person.

To get the look inspired by Sid, wear a graphic T-shirt. Sid had a huge pile of graphic tees in the movie. He paired them with denim jeans. But you can opt for casual trousers. A combination of Graphic T-shirts and Pasto-Men's Trousers- Khaki reflect both aspects of Sid’s life. Beige trousers can be worn for this look. Finish this look, with a pair of sneakers.



Add this trilogy to your watchlist immediately to binge-watch this weekend. A comedy genre movie that will make you laugh uncontrollably. The plot is about friends who get blacked out on a bachelorette trip. The next day, they wake up with the worst hangover and a list of unexplainable scenarios.

To get a look inspired by this movie, wear a half sleeve shirt. The shirt should be of a neutral color, tucked in Dex-Men's Plain Trouser-Green. This look can be worn with messy hair. Keep the accessories simple for this one. Wear this outfit for a vacation or a casual day out.

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