We live in a world obsessed with unrealistic ideas of physical beauty plastered on every visible surface. Mental health has taken a backseat due to people giving more importance to their looks than their well being. They have stopped focussing on a healthy lifestyle but rather worry on petty things like "I can't get out of the house because of a pimple". The stress and the constant worrying of, "do I measure up?" to society's impossible standards of female beauty has created a feeling of self-doubt among women. Adolescents with negative body images are more likely to be depressed, anxious and suicidal than those without intense dissatisfaction over their appearance


"I've never seen myself as a sufferer. People dig so deep into the fact that I was bullied, and this whole story of me being an ugly duckling. No, I was never an ugly duckling. I was always a swan; I was just told not to see that. The problem is seeing [vitiligo] as a problem from the jump. The issue was me being bullied, not me having vitiligo. It's odd to me that people didn't understand how rude it is to define me by my skin. Just because I have vitiligo doesn't make me the spokesperson for it." These empowering words said by Winnie Harlow, an international supermodel, who was diagnosed with the skin pigment condition vitiligo as a child, is inspiring every woman to accept her real natural beauty.


Similarly, models in India are breaking all the stereotypes. They are shutting down haters for body shaming and are leading the body positive movement on Instagram too.


Beauty does not have a type. Even if we are suffering an ailment or have a physical deformity, our body is not who we are but only a physical representation of elements of our soul. We all experience life differently. We all inhabit different shells. We all take different paths. And we all struggle with being defined solely based on just a few of society's standards.


We at House of Rare want all the ladies out there to know that you are enough. You are more than enough. You are more than a body. You are more than your circumstances. You are more than the things that have happened to you in your life. You are more than your mistakes and failures.


Sending love and light out today for anyone struggling with feeling enough!